WebFront for Service Manager – General availability


Big news! As some of you may know our company Gridpro announced the general availability of WebFront for Service Manager last week. WebFront for Service Manager is a Silverlight based web console that delivers functionallity very similar to what the standard console does for work items such as: incident-, problem-, activity- and change management. In the initial release the functionallity is focused around these work item types but the roadmap includes management of configuration items and other areas that’s included in the System Center Service Manager roadmap.

For more videos showing the product in action: http://www.youtube.com/user/GridproAB

For information on how to evaluate and get a hold of the product: http://www.gridpro.se/en/products/webfront-for-service-manager

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  1. I’ve tried it… it’s awesome :)

    Is there the possibility to see the customization made with the auth tool?

  2. Patrik Sundqvist says:

    At this point, no there isn’t. We’ll look into the possibilities of adding this though but for now I can’t promise anything. What you can expect though is similar functionallity as the extension tab.

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