Copy Templates in Service Manager


During the past two weeks I’ve been asked several times if it’s possible to copy templates in Service Manager. Since Service Manager currently doesn’t provide that specific functionality I had no choice but to write a tool for it. :)

The tool is currently a stand-alone application (but might be integrated as a console task further down the road). It lists all your object templates and enables you to create copies of a selected template. This will save you some time if you’re creating lots of templates with small differences.

Since this is a beta, please use the tool in a non-production environment when creating the copies and then transfer the management packs to the production environment afterwards.

Download “TemplateCopy for Service Manager – Beta 2″


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  1. Dan says:

    You don’t mention that why is there a need for such trick that you do here.

    Because it is not possible to copy the content of a template to another? Because it wil copy only the content, but not he underlying (invisible from Console) relationships?

  2. Patrik Sundqvist says:

    In Service Manager 2010 it’s not possible to copy templates at all from the console, only using the SDK. That’s the reason :)

  3. Georges Mouawad says:

    Dear Patrick,
    Is there anyway to get the data filled inside a scsm form template using sdk!?
    All I want to do is to show the classification, impact, urgency whatever property filled into incident form template ..
    I got the template I need to work on .. but how may I reach which impact(High,Medium,Low) is filled into this template
    thank you


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