SCSM Powershell Cmdlets goes Beta 1


The PowerShell cmdlets for Service Manager has gone Beta 1. I would like to thank Jim Truher for joining the project and putting in a lot of effort in this release!

Release notes:
The snapin has been converted to a PowerShell version 2 module, so registration is not needed. To install extract the zip archive into the
C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\modules directory

and then run:

PS> Import-Module SMLets

This module now contains the following:

PS> get-command -module smlets |sort commandtype | ft commandtype,name -au
CommandType Name
----------- ----
      Alias load
      Alias new-mg
   Function New-ManagementGroup
   Function import-Assembly
   Function Get-SCSMClassProperty
   Function get-SCSMCommand
   Function get-SCSMproperty
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTask
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMSubscription
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTypeProjection
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTaskResult
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMUserRole
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTopLevelEnumeration
     Cmdlet Import-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Remove-SCSMSubscription
     Cmdlet Remove-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Remove-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet New-SCSealedManagementPack
     Cmdlet New-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMObjectProjection
     Cmdlet New-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet New-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet New-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRunAsAccount
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWWarehouseModuleTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWRelationshipFactTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPackElement
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWOutriggerTypes
     Cmdlet Get-DataWarehouseConfiguration
     Cmdlet Export-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWDimensionTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWMeasureTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWFactTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMCategory
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelatedObject
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMObjectProjection
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelationshipClass
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRule
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMResource
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMClass
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMChildEnumeration
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMConfigItem
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMEnumeration

Grab the release over at codeplex!


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  3. Patrik Sundqvist says:

    Hi all!
    Make sure that you review the blog post below by Travis Wright before using the Get-SCSMObject cmdlet.

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