ConfigMgr 2007 database size rapidly increases after SP2 upgrade


After upgrading to ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 I’ve experienced that the database size was rapidly increasing. Microsoft has recently published a KB article KB978021 that will correct this, but there is nothing in the symptom description for the KB article that describes that the really big issue is that it can fill up your database disks. This is caused by the excessive logging from Distribution Manager of the message id’s 2300,2301 and 2342 caused by the bug.

So if you have upgraded to SP2 or are planning for an SP2 upgrade, make sure to install KB978021 hotfix as soon as possible on all site systems. A bonus is that it also corrects a memory leak that causes SMS Executive to crash periodically (see KB978022). If you have been running the ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 for a while without this hotfix and the database size has been growing a little too much. After applying the hotfix and made sure you have a working backup you can decrease the database file size and free up disk space by truncating the tables StatusMessageinsstrs, StatusMessages and StatusMessageAttributes and issue a shrink command on the ConfigMgr database.

IMPORTANT: By truncating these tables all status message history will be deleted, so be sure to have a valid backup before proceeding with this.


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