Service Manager 2012 – UnGrouping the Incident Status Tasks


In Service Manager 2012 the console tasks used to change the status of an Incident are grouped in a parent task called "Change Incident Status". Some people I’ve talked to actually prefer the way the console tasks were presented in Service Manager 2010 where they were presented as separate tasks instead of a group, the reason mainly being that it saves one mouse click.

I’ve addressed the wish of having things the way they were by creating a management pack that hides the group and re-wires each of the child tasks to make them appear as separate tasks outside of the group.

Before importing the management pack:

After importing the management pack:

Download the management pack at TechNet Gallery:


PS: After writing this post I found another post with the same topic, check out this great blog post by Dieter Gasser: “Moving the Resolve task out of the “Change Incident Status” group”


  1. Rob R says:

    Would this management pack also ‘ungroup’ the other status options that we have which are currently grouped under ‘other’?

  2. Patrik Sundqvist says:

    Hi Rob,
    No the solution currently doesn’t support custom statuses. I might reflect on that on the blog one day… :)

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