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During the past two weeks I’ve been asked several times if it’s possible to copy templates in Service Manager. Since Service Manager currently doesn’t provide that specific functionality I had no choice but to write a tool for it. :)

The tool is currently a stand-alone application (but might be integrated as a console task further down the road). It lists all your object templates and enables you to create copies of a selected template. This will save you some time if you’re creating lots of templates with small differences.

Since this is a beta, please use the tool in a non-production environment when creating the copies and then transfer the management packs to the production environment afterwards.

Download “TemplateCopy for Service Manager – Beta 2″


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We’ve reached the final steps of writing the Service Manager Unleashed book! Not only is this a great feeling but it also means that I’ll have some more time for writing blog posts!

I would like to thank all my co-authors for their hard work. Well done!

I hope this will provide lots of peopled with some grateful guidance, go pre-order it today at:


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