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Best of MMS is approaching! Only a few of weeks away now!

I will deliver a session at Best of MMS 2010 in Stockholm/Sweden. My session “Hardcore customization of Service Manager 2010” is a level 400 session that will take place day one. Amongst other usefull things I’ll show how to make incident management more efficient using custom workflows and how to create automated activities for change management.

There will be a number of System Center experts speaking at the event so bring all your SC questions!

See you in Stockholm! More info about the event here

The question is out there – “How can we add Related Items and History controls to our custom forms as seen in the built in forms”. Now, if you’re a fully grown developer you might have been able to figure this out when building forms for Service Manager in Visual Studio. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do this in the Authoring Tool. Since you’re able to add custom forms in the Authoring Tool and then further customize these I came to think about creating form templates for the Authoring Tool that contains already implemented controls like the “Related Items” control. To aid those who ask I’ve created some example templates that make use of the “Related items” and “History” controls (you can download the templates, source code and documentation from here).

To try the templates out in the console you can import the Custom.Form.Examples.mpb and go to Configuration Items – Computers (Deployed) – All Computers (Deployed) and open one of the listed CIs.

To learn how to use the templates, please try the example described in the document called “Building a new form using custom template” provided in the download.


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