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The PowerShell cmdlets for Service Manager has gone Beta 1. I would like to thank Jim Truher for joining the project and putting in a lot of effort in this release!

Release notes:
The snapin has been converted to a PowerShell version 2 module, so registration is not needed. To install extract the zip archive into the
C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\modules directory

and then run:

PS> Import-Module SMLets

This module now contains the following:

PS> get-command -module smlets |sort commandtype | ft commandtype,name -au
CommandType Name
----------- ----
      Alias load
      Alias new-mg
   Function New-ManagementGroup
   Function import-Assembly
   Function Get-SCSMClassProperty
   Function get-SCSMCommand
   Function get-SCSMproperty
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTask
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMSubscription
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTypeProjection
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTaskResult
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMUserRole
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMTopLevelEnumeration
     Cmdlet Import-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Remove-SCSMSubscription
     Cmdlet Remove-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Remove-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet New-SCSealedManagementPack
     Cmdlet New-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Set-SCSMObjectProjection
     Cmdlet New-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet New-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet New-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRunAsAccount
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWWarehouseModuleTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWRelationshipFactTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMAnnouncement
     Cmdlet Get-SCManagementPackElement
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWOutriggerTypes
     Cmdlet Get-DataWarehouseConfiguration
     Cmdlet Export-SCManagementPack
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWDimensionTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWMeasureTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCDWFactTypes
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMCategory
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelatedObject
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMObjectProjection
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRelationshipClass
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMRule
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMResource
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMObject
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMClass
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMChildEnumeration
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMConfigItem
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMIncident
     Cmdlet Get-SCSMEnumeration

Grab the release over at codeplex!

I often get questions from customers with complex environments regarding how ConfigMgr could be implemented there. Often their Active Directory consist of multiple domains and in some cases even multiple forests. The answers for these questions are in the product documentation but isn’t always easy to find. I am happy to see that Carol Bailey an senior technical writer for Configuration Manager at Microsoft has compiled these question and answers in an FAQ that can be found here.

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